Why choose louie inc?

We love Mar-Tech. It's really that simple! Check out below for details of extensive agency and corporate experience, and our team ethics.
Why choose louie inc?
Our Core values
Our core values define our business relationships with our clients. We truly care about your business needs and hope that our core values align with that of our clients.
Staying up-to-date at the forefront of technology in our industry.
Designing modern, efficient and sleek solutions.
Working within the constraints when limited. Using all our resources when challenged.
Honesty and clarity. We will always be truthful with our clients.
Owning our processes, policies, practices and deliverables.
Championing a diverse, safe and fun work environment.
Our #1 goal
We started louie inc to help other businesses grow, retain, and win back customers. Long term, flexible relationships are the goal when selecting our clients. We’ll take the time to learn your business needs to ensure we can deliver a product that we can both be proud of!
Our experience
Some clients may hire us to run their full marketing, while others may need a simple Salesforce integration a few times a year. Whatever your requirements, we are available when you need us. As a partner, our team will help you select the right technology for your business. We will guide you in best practices. We will support you the whole way.
louie inc only employs former corporate marketers who learned Salesforce technology. We believe this sets us apart from our competitors. We understand your end goal because we’ve been in your seat before!
We specialize in scalable and intuitive mar-tech transformations and focus on being the best partner for our clients. Through all business stages, from implementation, consultation, development, and production, we keep our clients’ requirements top-of-mind.
We are committed to learning and supporting all the latest Salesforce technology platforms to deliver the best product for our clients.
Salesforce certifications
Our global team is certified in all clouds of Salesforce. At louie inc we take pride in continuing to grow our certifications. We are Salesforce certified consultants with extensive knowledge and proficiency in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Pardot, and more.
We champion diversity!
We value diversity. louie inc is a certified minority business through the NGLCC (National LBGT Chamber of Commerce) and is a member of the Disability:IN network.
Of course, we saved the best for last!
Our name
Company names are chosen for all kinds of reasons. When louie inc was created, we wanted a playful name and a unique design. Chris and his husband, Matt, welcomed Louie into their family in 2016, meeting their new best friend at a dog adoption event. Little did they know he would come to mean so much.
Louie was a wonderful senior dog with a big personality. He provided a great name and is now creating a great marketing brand. Louie passed away in 2020. We miss him dearly. He is eternally honored in our company name.
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