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The cloud-based app builder that lets you connect with anything!
What is Platform?
For those of us new to Salesforce and their many, many, Clouds, Platform might seem a little intimidating at first. Unlike the more popular Sales or Service Clouds, that function as a SaaS (Software as a service), Platform lives in the PaaS category (Platform as a service). This fundamental difference is where many of our clients have stumbled in the past. It is up to users and louie inc to develop your "platform".
Salesforce Platform is a cloud computing service that allows users to build, launch and manage apps. The product is thankfully open to people of all experience levels - not just those of us lucky enough to posess advanced coding skills. Instead, users can develop apps with little to no app knowledge, and deploy their creation much faster than in years gone by. Whether you want to build an app that automate business processes for your HR team, or create a CRM connected app for your customer interface, Platform is the tool you just need!
This Salesforce cloud-based app builder is not a new "shiny" Salesforce product! Some of us may even recall it's origins as Force.com. Platform has been around for a significant time (compared to other Clouds), and Salesforce has heavily invested in their Lightning Design System and ongoing research into AI. Your customers and employees expect a personalized web and/or mobile experience, whether that be buttons, calendars, maps or forms - all of which Platform, and you, can handle with ease.
Why use Platform?
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Our setup of your Platform
If you choose louie inc for your installation we shall include, but not limit to, the following categories. Add ons to this core integration are available upon request.
Roles and permissions
Customer Identity
Lightning Object Creator
Einstein Analytics
Internet of Things (IOT)
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