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What is Pardot?
Pardot, now known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (AE), is a marketing automation platform that allows businesses to easily find clients that are most likely to convert. From small to medium to large businesses, AE is perfect for all types of companies aimed at growing their company. If you want to intelligently communicate with your potential clients, from the very first interaction right through to conversion, and beyond, then AE is the right tool for you.
Pardot, as it was known at the time, was launched as a marketing automation software way back in 2007. Ever since then the product has seen significant growth, particularly after an acquisition by Exact Target in 2012, and even more so just one year later when Salesforce purchased both. Today, after years of research and investment, AE is a best-in-class, primarily B2B marketing tool, that is moving deeper into the artificial intelligence (AI), attribution, and engagement insights fields.
Why use Pardot?
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