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Commerce Cloud
What is Commerce Cloud?
Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is, quite simply, incredible. We highly recommend that all our interested clients dive under the hood and take a peek at what their tool can do. If you have SFCC, you’re in the driving seat of a turbo-charged American sportscar! The platform lets retailers start selling online as quickly as they like – so why not start fast! Stacked with hundreds of-out-of-the box features, both B2C and B2B retailers can easily and quickly create amazing online experiences for their most valuable commodity: their shoppers.
Built as a mobile-ready platform, SFCC integrates seamlessly with Service Cloud and other Salesforce products, and even has Einstein features in the newest releases. This means less bespoke integrations for your business and more time/effort/energy/money spent where it truly matters. With SFCC AI interactions, get used to personalizing every single aspect of the digital commerce experience, from shopping to fulfillment to service. If you want a “perfect” in-store or online commerce solution, this is undoubtedly it.
In a former life, SFCC was known as Demandware. What set Demandware apart from competitors was the focus on connecting with customers at every possible touchpoint in a customer lifecycle, across all channels. Whether your customers engage through digital, mobile, social or in-store mediums, the platform is built to engage with and champion your customers’ brand experience. All this and more is why Salesforce forked out and acquired Demandware all the way back in 2016!
Our setup of your Commerce Cloud
If you choose louie inc for your installation we shall include, but not limit to, the following categories. Add ons to this core integration are available upon request.
Roles and permissions
In-store creation
Order management system
Site search and guided nav
Search Engine Optimization
External integration
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